Organizational Structure

Parkland Ambulance Care is a privately owned ambulance service contracted to the Saskatchewan Health Authority as one of three ambulance services operating within the region.

The management team provides the overall guidance and support to the entire team of over 65 paramedics, support staff and emergency medical dispatchers. From the management team flows each of the directors with their portfolios for the day to day operations of the company. Each shift has a designated team leader whose specific roles and responsibilities manage the day to day operations of the shift, act in the absence of management, and provide support to the working crews.

There are several levels of registered paramedics within the service.

Parkland Ambulance Care is proud to provide exceptional mobile health care services to citizens of the City of Prince Albert and the surrounding health region.

Each staff member wears a uniform that consists of black pants and shirt with a black crew neck undershirt. The identifiable red outer jacket easily spots a paramedic in the field. All uniforms bear a corporate crest and epaulet cover of service rank.

The epaulet covers consist of:

  • One silver stripe for an EMT/PCP or EMDLily Epaulette 3
  • One and 1/2 stripe for an ICP
  • Two silvers stripes for an ACP
  • Three silver stripes for a CCP
  • Three leaves for a Team Leader (Superintendant)
  • One leaf and a Crown Commander (Management)
  • Two leaves and a Crown Deputy Chief (Management)
  • Three leave and a Crown Chief (Management)

Parkland Ambulance Paramedics are proud recognizable members of the community they serve. Together with their families live, work and play in the city caring through their many community contributions.