Visions & Values

We, the employees and management of Parkland Ambulance Care, are in partnership to provide care and support to all in need. We will strive to know and meet the needs and expectations of those whom we serve. We believe prehospital emergency care is more than a business. Emergency care is putting the patient first, the provider second.

Parkland Ambulance Care Ltd. - We Care for You!


  • We, will work as a team to be the outstanding E.M.S. (Emergency Medical Services) leader in our community.
  • We, are dedicated to the personal and professional growth of all members of our team. Through training and educating our staff members, we maintain high performance standards and professional conduct.
  • We, are the integral part of the environment in which we live in. Together with employees, management and our Board. We educate and offer preventative service to reduce injury and promote wellness.


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