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By Lynda - March 2022

The paramedics who came to my assistance were so wonderful! Professional and caring. I am deeply grateful for the excellent care I received.

Paramedics Eden and Darren

By Lila - Jan-2022

"Staff is always amazing"

Paramedics: Eden, Jacksen, Sydney, Chris

By Patricia Feb-2022

"They were awesome. They made me feel like family."

Paramedics Kethia and Steven

By May - Nov 2021

You folks are super! Thank you!

Paramedics Erica and Levon

By Richard Nov 2021

First time we had to use an ambulance and everything went great. Thanks

Paramedics Levon and Steven

By Edward - Jan 2022

"The Paramedics were very good - went above and beyond - tool time to calm me and checked in on my spouse"

Paramedics: Tim and Craig

By Albert October 2021

Thank you for the reduced seniors rate.

Paramedics Pat and Jordan

By Mable October 2021

I was impressed with the service

Paramedics: Tawni and Levon

By Harold Nov 2021

Exceptional Paramedics

Paramedics Sheldon and Mike

By Rodney - Jan 2022

Extremely Happy

Paramedics Sherri and Elliott

By Cheryl - Dec 2021

He couldn't say enough about the staff, for their professionalism and how courteous and respectful. Very proud of how the paramedics helped us.

Paramedics: Keziah, Justin and Elliott

By Ernest - Dec 2021

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Excellent Service Appreciate you!

Paramedics Justin and Erica

By Carla - Jan-2022

Everything about my experience was 10/10. Thank you very much for everything.

Paramedics: Brendin and Seth

By Jackson - Feb 2022

Thankyou to the paramedics who helped my dad. It wasn't how he wanted to spend his day off but he is grateful for the fast and friendly service

Paramedics: Erica and Sydney