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By Brian Sept. 2021

Thank you so much for looking after us twice in the same day. Also for staying so long with him at the Royal really helped him feel safe.

Keitha, Jackson and Sydney

By Arthur - Jan 2020

Staff were awesome!

Paramedics Josiah, Joelle and Craig

By William Dec 2020

Wonderful staff - God Bless

Paramedics Oliver and Ramsay

By Robert - July 2021

Thank you Parkland for the excellent and courteous service. God Bless you all!

Paramedics Chris and Brendin

By Carl - Jul 2021

The EMS treated everyone including the patient with respect and dignity. They projected a calm atmosphere especially for the young grandchildren who were in the house.

Paramedics Colton and Craig

By Robert - July 2021

10 out of 10

Paramedics Nick w, Seth, Tim, Craig

By John - July 2021

Your service was excellent.

Paramedics Sydney and Elliott

By Maureen - June 2021

To the wonderful paramedics who rescued me. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. I am truly grateful and on the road to recovery. My family told me how kind, gentle and sympathetic all of you were.

Paramedics Brock, Ramsay, Jacksen

By David - Jun 2021

The service was excellent - thank you kindly!

Paramedics Sydney and Chris

By Mary - July 2021

I am very grateful for all was done for me.

Paramedics Steven and Kelly