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By Tara

Thank you from the Nurses at Montreal Lake. We depend on you guys and gals a lot to keep our patients safe and you are always quick to come and assits. Thank you! Tara

By Karen

I wish to thank Sheldon who presented ITLS training; his two sone for being trauma victims and Tim for helping the second day for the awesome job they di Oct 3 and 4th!!!

By Ros

GREAT Professional Service! (Paramedics Wes and Tracey)

By Irene

Not one thing - excellent service. (Paramedics Oliver and Karrie)

By Christopher

The paramedics were very calm and professional. (Paramedics Matt and Ron)

By Beatrice

Well done - very satisfied - thank you! (Paramedics Oliver and Karrie)

By Florence

Paramedics Levon and Martin were very professional, kind and caring, compaasioante and respectfull toward my mother and myself. Thanks again!

By Edward

The crew were exceptional! Oliver came back later to check on me. Very thoughtful!

By Helen

The response time was amazing - Thank you!

By Carol

The service and care I received was fabulous and exceptional. In no way could it have been any better.

By John

Great Service, great people.

By Claude

The service was 100% - Excellent all the way!!!