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By John - July 2022

They were absolutely great. Thank you!

Paramedics James and Keziah

By Patricia - July 2022

Doing a fantastic job!

Paramedics Nick W and Mike

By Blaine - July 2022

Thank you so much for your wonderful care

Paramedics: Jackson, Shelby, Mckenzie, Brendin

By George - July 2022

I was very happy with the service

Paramedics Justin RP, James, Steven, Eden

By Radke - July 2022

You all were efficient and helpful. Calmed me when scared and nervous

Paramedics James and Elliott
July 2022

By Holly - July 2022

Remind yourselves of how beautiful all EMS workers are daily!!

  • Keep smiling
  • We are so thankful for EMS responders
  • Keep yourselves balanced and healthy
  • Don't give up
  • Laughter is the best medicine - always face your fears, seize the day
  • Keep inspiring others!!

*YOU SAVED my Husband!!! Thank-you once again to all EMS responders!!

Paramedics Tim and Darren

By John - May 2022

It was excellent! -The immediate attention and work done was excellent. I commend you all for the work you do! We appreciate you more than we can say!

Paramedics Brooke and Darren

By Helen - May 2022

Keep up the good work - thank you!

Paramedics Sherri and Eden

By Irene - May 2022

The service was excellent!

Paramedics Megan and Clayton

By Aline - June 2022

They were phenomenal - excellent care!

Paramedics Chris and Darren

By Julie - June 2022

We are very satisfied with your service. The paramedics professional and very caring service.

Paramedics Erica and Jacksen; Paramedics Nick and Justin RP

Thank you for the community paramedics. These folks are professional, friendly, caring and make life so much easier. What used to take the majority of the day to prepare, go out for and come back exhausted is now short a visit and my lab work is done.

By Lynda - March 2022

The paramedics who came to my assistance were so wonderful! Professional and caring. I am deeply grateful for the excellent care I received.

Paramedics Eden and Darren

By Lila - Jan-2022

"Staff is always amazing"

Paramedics: Eden, Jacksen, Sydney, Chris

By Patricia Feb-2022

"They were awesome. They made me feel like family."

Paramedics Kethia and Steven

By May - Nov 2021

You folks are super! Thank you!

Paramedics Erica and Levon

By Richard Nov 2021

First time we had to use an ambulance and everything went great. Thanks

Paramedics Levon and Steven

By Edward - Jan 2022

"The Paramedics were very good - went above and beyond - tool time to calm me and checked in on my spouse"

Paramedics: Tim and Craig

By Albert October 2021

Thank you for the reduced seniors rate.

Paramedics Pat and Jordan

By Mable October 2021

I was impressed with the service

Paramedics: Tawni and Levon

By Harold Nov 2021

Exceptional Paramedics

Paramedics Sheldon and Mike

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