First Responders

In Saskatchewan, a network of trained personnel respond to emergencies in advance of the responding ambulance crew. These personnel are called first responders. Most are volunteers who under the guidance of their Health Region receive training to deal with many medical and trauma emergencies.

The vast expanse of Saskatchewan means that in certain situations it may take the ambulance 30 minutes or more to arrive by ground. These dedicated personnel, many whom are store clerks, school bus drivers or mothers at home, respond to help their fellow citizens. These first responders can make the difference in an emergency by starting the breathing, maybe performing CPR, stopping the bleeding, delivery a new baby or dealing with many other emergencies.

The Prince Albert Parkland Health Region has many first responder groups. Those administered by Parkland Ambulance include: Shellbrook, Candle Lake, Lakeland (Christopher Lake, Anglin Lake and Padockwood) and Birch Hills. New members to these groups are always welcome. For more information of becoming a first responder or starting a group in your area contact Mr. Brian Reichle, Director of Communications 306-953-8354 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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